Butterfly Kidz | Nurture Positive Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Make your child’s life beautiful!

“Success and confidence comes from training your child’s mind at an early age.”

With these storybooks your child CAN learn how to

1.  Unhook the “t” from can’t and say “I CAN”

2.  Overcome challenges

3.  Use breath to calm down

4.  Develop self confidence and emotional intelligence

5.  Make one’s own dreams come true

6.  Foster self love and kindness

7.  Nurture mindfulness to be happy and succeed in life

How to believe in themselves in 7 Magical Steps

Unfold their own UNIQUE potential

Understand and identify personal thoughts and feelings

Grow with acceptance of self and others

Instill the habits that create health and happiness

Break through fears that cause emotional blocks

New ways to think so they CAN be the best they CAN be

Positive Thinking Cards – helping children to

Master positive mind habits

Overcome negative thinking

Develop the powerful purpose of believing in oneself to achieve success

ABC Cards – teach children how to

Nurture the secrets of happiness and success

Understand and communicate feelings clearly

Stand up for oneself

Music CDs

Educators Guide for Teachers, Carers and Parents