Tools For Life | ButterflyKidz

Using stories, cards, activity sheets, music and more,

your children will learn how to believe in themselves.

“The stories we hear as children shape us and our view of the world.”

Story Books

The 7 Magical Steps

These seven magical steps
Will guide you on your way
And help you to believe in yourself
Every single day!

  • STEP 1 – I am Magical because I can unhook the “t” from can’t and say “I can!”
  • STEP 2 – I am Unique because in all the world there is no one else like me!
  • STEP 3 – I am Powerful because I can choose what to think and how i feel!
  • STEP 4 – I am Beautiful because I allow my own special talents to shine through me!
  • STEP 5 – I am Clever because I believe in my dreams!
  • STEP 6 – I am Special because I am kind and loving!
  • STEP 7 – I am a Butterfly Kid because I believe in myself!

ABC alphabet cards

Learn how to believe in yourself
And to be confident too
You can achieve what you feel in your heart
And set your mind to do!

“Accelerate your child’s emotional intelligence and positive self awareness for a beautiful life.”


Your thoughts are magical
Your feelings too
Choose a card everyday
And believe in you!

“The seeds that are planted in childhood grow throughout life”


These fun and educational tools
Will make you more aware
Of what you feel deep in your heart
And how to treat others with care

They will teach you how to think good thoughts
To be happy, to succeed and achieve
To be the best that you can be
To fly….is to believe!

“The more I practice the better I get”


Music Cds


Soothing music with subliminal positive affirmations to calm the mind to peaceful rest… 

Dreamzzz is for sleeping
So important for you
It rests your mind and body
And helps you feel brand new!

A good night’s sleep and periods of rest are vital to our mental and physical well-being which promotes productivity, resilience and sense of achievement.”



Children become what they are through lessons learned. Music and its use of repetition, helps commit what is taught to memory.

Sing along with the songs of each step
As you grow the wings you’ve earned
For as you sing you’ll be reminded
Of all new lessons learned!

“Music and dance cultivates and improves your child’s creativity, social and academic skills, self discipline, concentration, coordination and so much more.”



Here are 7 things to know
To make you strong, to help you grow
Here are 7 things to say
To build your confidence everyday!

“A happy child is a confident child.”



These certificates are for your child to see
That everyone is Special, just like you and me
To be a Butterfly Kid their wings are earned
Everytime a life lesson is learned!

“Acknowledgment gives your child wings to fly”