About Butterfly Kidz

 It is a set of structured stories and activities that you as a parent can do with your children to experience the basic fundamental steps of understanding ourselves, accepting ourselves and loving ourselves. The Butterfly Kidz Tools 4 Life program is set up in Seven Magical Steps presented in a way that kids between 1 and 7 years old can connect with. The steps correspond to the most crucial levels of inner awareness for children as they are growing up.

About Wynne Miller


Children learn to read and write, it’s now time to teach them the principles and practices that can make life beautiful!

Our thoughts and feelings create our personal experiences of life. They have the power to shape our beliefs that set us up for failure or success. What we think and feel, on a daily basis, determines how we behave, how we interact with others and how we see ourselves and the world.

I believe that we as parents, child carers and educators, have the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give children the tools they need to become brave and self confident, focused and motivated… to know that their dreams can come true.

I developed the “Butterfly Kidz” programme to empower children with thinking skills which become their emotional tools to cope and thrive in the midst of lifes challenges.

This fully developed program of 7 steps with integrated activities empower children through self belief and emotional awareness.

The layering effect is an integrated teaching approach to ensuring childrens mental health and well being.

I believe that through discovering the powerful purpose of believing in themselves, all children CAN lead a happy, healthy, mindful, successful and beautiful life – like Butterfly Kidz.

Give your kids the tools they need to grow up knowing who they are and understanding their own inner world.

And spend some great time together in the process.